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How To Measure the Cloak

How do I measure for a cloak ? 

To find the length you have to decide where you want the bottom of the cloak to fall we suggest 4" above a ground. Then somebody has to measure to this point from the base of your neck to the ground. We suggest 3 to 4" above the ground.

Why measure 3-4 " off the ground?

To protect your cloak to get wet, muddy, snowy, or for you to trip and fall down while you're wearing your cloak, so for this reason we recommend the 3-4"above a ground.

Big deep Interior rectangular pocket on each side.


Examples of various cloak lengths based on your height

5'0" height tall --  best cloak length  47 inches. 

5'2"  tall -- best cloak length  49 inches

5'6" tall -- best cloak length  53 inches

5'8" tall  --  best cloak length  55 inches

5'10" tall--   best cloak length  57 inches

6'0"  tall - best cloak length  59 inches

Use the Following Measurement Chart to find your cloak length below: 

Dark Navy Cloak_poly _Chart.jpg

Our Cloaks in Action - Client Reviews 

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